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Make better use of your five-gallon fishing bucket by pulling a Vexilar® Pro Pack II Fishing System with FLX-20TM Flasher out of it. Everything you need to find more success ice fishing fits on this compact, nearly-indestructible holder.

The carrying case holds a FLX-20 Flasher with two AutoZoom zone options and an increased viewing angle during day or nighttime use. The simple to operate FLX-20 uses the patented Ice-Ducer® with self leveling transducer and a 20′ Low Power range setting for use in shallow water or thick weeds and Power Saving Technology to give you more operating time. The Pro Pack II is specially designed to fit inside a five gallon bucket and includes built-in features such as an adjustable rod holder, tackle box, cable cleats and spots for optional accessories.

  • FLX-20 Flasher has two AutoZoom zone options for zooming in on the bottom from either six or twelve feet along with an increased viewing angle
  • Power Saving Technology (PST) increases flasher usage on a single battery charge by 30%
  • Super-bright 3-color LED shows difference in strong (Red), medium (Orange) and weak (Green) targets
  • The specially designed Pro Pack II base fits inside a five-gallon bucket for easy transportation
  • An integrated and easily accessible tackle box and adjustable rod holder are included on the base
  • The 12V 9 amp-hour battery recharges easily using a quick-jack plug
  • Easy-access compartments for battery and cable storage and pre-drilled holes for accessories
  • Patented Ice-Ducer System is a self leveling transducer with float for accurate positioning
  • ProPack II also Includes a Digital Depth Indicator and Battery Gauge

Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 702414
  • Display Type: 3-color LED
  • Display Face: Flat Screen
  • Resolution: 525 segments
  • Target Separation: .25″
  • Low Power Mode: Yes
  • Night Viewing Mode: Yes
  • Interference Rejection Settings: 20
  • Depth Range Settings: Normal – 20′(Low Power), 20′, 40′, 60′, 80′, 100′
  • Depth Range Settings: Deep Water – 30′, 60′, 90′,120′, 240′, 300′


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