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The FLX-12 Pro Pack II is ready for the ice right out of the package. The Pack comes with a Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery, V-410 1-amp digital charger, and 12° Ice-Ducer transducer. The super durable case has a built-in rod holder, tackle box, universal transducer holder, and cable holding cleats. And it fits perfectly inside of a 5-gallon bucket for easy access while fishing.

The FLX-12 still offers a flat-screen design, but now with Vexilar’s exclusive brushless data transfer technology. The new LEDs deliver a 20% brighter and sharper display than the Classic FL-8se unit. This unit has a special low-power range setting for great target resolution while fishing in extremely shallow water. A unique night mode lets you see the display easier, even at night, and also lights up the center depth graphics. 20 steps of Interference rejection helps knock out interference from other sonar systems. If your battery is running low, the display gives a coded series of flashes long before the unit shuts down. FLX-12 is ideal for use in open water as well.

FLX-12 Flasher:

  • Streamlined, flat surface display won’t trap rain or snow, plus has an increased viewing angle
  • Simple-to-operate system only requires two control knobs
  • Super-bright 3-color LEDs show difference in targets: Strong (Red), medium (Orange), weak (Green)
  • New LEDs deliver a 20% brighter and sharper display
  • 20′ low-power-range option for use in shallow water, thick weeds and night viewing
  • 12° Ice-Ducer with reliable float and stopper system ensures reliably accurate readings every time
  • 12V 9 amp-hour battery recharges easily using a quick-jack plug
  • Power Saving Technology increases flasher usage on a single battery charge by 30%, plus extends battery’s overall life by 3X’s
  • Matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar longevity by balancing transmitter and receiver to the transducer crystal
  • Manufacturer’s standard 2-year limited warranty

Pro Pack II PC-100 Carry Case:

  • Very functional, durable Case fits inside a 5-gallon bucket
  • Adjustable rod holder with two possible mounting locations
  • 2 cable storage cleats
  • Vexilar tackle box
  • Transducer holder fits all Ice-Ducer sizes
  • Quick charge jack plug for easy charging
  • Pre-tapped transducer support eye-bolt hole
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
  • Self-leveling Ice-Ducer® system with float for accurate transducer positioning every time
  • Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery
  • V-410, automatic 1-amp digital charger


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