Premium Nightcrawlers

Neon Night Crawlers, as we work very hard to keep on hand year round high quality Crawlers to satisfy all of our customers needs. Whether you are a fisherman going on a trip to Canada or for your pets for feeding. We package Night Crawlers many different ways including packing in bedding instead of dirt for your next trip to Canada or just to keep your boat cleaner. Baby Crawlers are just a smaller size of Night Crawlers. Green Crawlers are dyed to a green color that makes the worm appear to glow. ADD TEST THAT DSLB WANTS TO ADD



Bait – Dillys
AKA – Baby Nightcrawlers, Small Nightcrawlers, Beaver Tails
Good for – Big Bluegills, Bass, Whitebass, Trout, and Rockbass.
Care – Moist Dirt
Preferred Temp – 40-45
Qty per pack – 18
Best Used – Spring/Summer/Fall 
When Available – All Year