Great Lakes Finesse – 2.75″ Drop Minnow



Designed in partnership with Travis Manson (SmallmouthCrush on Youtube), the Drop Minnow is in a league of its own. It’s extremely versatile – allowing you to drop-shot it, Damiki rig it, hop it, swim it, or fish it like a Ned. The ribbed body provides a unique vibration in the water and the thin tail gives incredible lifelike action. When dead-sticked on a drop-shot or suspended on a jig head the bait will sit perfectly horizontal giving it a natural appearance. The smallest amount of movement in the bait will have the tail twitching like crazy.

  • 2.75″
  • Matte (shine-free) finish
  • True neutral buoyancy
  • Tear resistant
  • 8 Per Pack

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