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STINKY BALLS are so much more than a catchy name to make you giggle. They are a revolutionary, disruptive attractant (humble brag) that can change the way you think about fishing!

Each ball starts with real liquified baitfish, worms or shellfish. Once liquified, additional known attractants to the target species are added into our technology. Hydrodynamic balls are formed without plastic to safely attract your fish with the scent releasing right at your hook, making any lure, rig or jig better!

Stinky Balls are mess-free! Stinky balls won’t make a mess on your hands, your boat, or your Kayak, making it the easiest, cleanest way to add scent. Stinky Balls won’t interfere with your application and in some cases make your profile better. Stinky Balls are heat sensitive, so take note of the storage and high-temperature precautions before they stink up your tackle box.

Stinky Balls have been engineered to be soft enough to release scent, but strong enough to hold onto a hook. They are also extremely versatile. Adding them with to your favorite setup is easy. Just put one or two on your hook. For target species that are known to consume eggs, fish them alone with a clear float.

We realize that with any disruptive technology, challenges and naysayers will be abundant. We will let our Stinky Balls lead the way!

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Cattie Smasher, Craw, Minnow, Nightcrawler


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